A Murphy kind of day – but not state of mind…

Today is only at halftime but has already been surreal to say the least. It is a “Murphy-kind-of-day” so to make sure nothing else that can possibly go wrong, actually will go wrong, I have locked myself up at home with a nice Pumpkin Spice Latte and a couple of movies. I am not going out again and I am not interacting with anything or anyone else for the rest of today, as I fear for my own and everyone else’s personal safety! *smiling*


After a perfect Friday afternoon and night and an equally perfect Saturday morning, with some really nice company and some great conversations, things started going wrong… And the universe seemed to have zeroed in on lil’ ol’ me and just kept hitting me with one thing after the other, big and small.

At first I let it get to me but after a while I just started laughing. After all, what else can you do? Apart from being responsible and minimizing the risk of it spilling over onto other people too that is? *LOL*

Here is the short version:
FullSizeRenderYesterday I found “my dream car” for sale in Kirkland, at a good mileage and a very good price. A 2-door, manual transmission, soft-top Jeep Wrangler – and it was even a beautiful Ruby Red! Perfect in every way and I was planning to go buy it this morning. As I am heading out the door I am clicking the link for the dealership posting again, to double check it is still there. And it is not.

So I leave anyway, to head down to my favourite café and meet up with this great neighbourhood crowd for some random, and always highly entertaining, conversations over a perfect cappuccino and an apple turnover. As I walk through the door, Rachel behind the counter looks up and says “Oh no, you just missed everyone!”… Bummer. I sit down anyway and start looking for other cars – there’s not a single one within 50 miles of Seattle. This is when my spirit is starting to fall a bit. But it is getting a lot worse…

I am notified by my insurance company that they will not be renewing my auto-insurance that is about to expire, since I have had “too many accidents” with my car and they cannot continue to insure me. You’re telling me?! The damn car is jinxed, I have realised that, and in spite of not having been at fault for any of the accidents, I am now losing my coverage. So in the midst of having my car deemed a total loss after being rear-ended two weeks ago and shopping for a (non-existing) new car, I now also need to start looking for a new insurance company. Which in this country I might add (for my non-US friends), is a lot of work. This is a completely capitalist market, so nothing is standardized and you literally end up spending hours and hours comparing quotes as each company has their own way to prepare them, so it’s not even like comparing apples to oranges – it’s a friggin’ fruit basket!

I decide it’s time to go home, watch a movie or two, and just not worry about things anymore today. So I stand up and walk out, without paying, which I only just realized half an hour ago… Well, “no danger on the roof” as we say back home, since I stop in most days on my way to work but still…

I head over to QFC to get some milk (and maybe, just maybe, a tub of gelato because after all….) and I see that the “Pumpkin Spice Latte” has arrived at Starbucks and I think that that is just what I need. It’s grey, rainy and that kind of day that deserves a nice cozy holiday-drink. I am waiting in line for a good 10 minutes because everyone seems to be getting massive amounts of drinks and the guy working is moving very, very slowly. I remember I should also pick up a gift card for Kevin at work, as a little “thank you” for all the hard work he put in this week, trying to sort my office move out which was obviously also jinxed by the way. Him and I ended up moving most of the stuff ourselves. Anyway. As I am paying up the cash register completely *TILTs* on the poor guy and everything is locked down and he has to call for the manager to come and re-boot the system. At this point I am starting to feel a bit like the guy from “party-illern Göran” (“Börja ana oråd…”) but at this point I am just laughing. Out loud apparently, which now is starting to make the other people in the very long queue that has formed behind me feel a bit awkward, as I must clearly be a crazy person, standing there laughing to myself, right?

Sean, the manager, comes round and as always greats me with a big smile and asks how I am doing. I just laugh and tell him I am having a Murphy-kind-of-day and I should probably get out of their way, before the register blows up or something even worse happens. So they give me a voucher for a free drink for next time, to cheer me up a bit which was very sweet! 🙂

Finally, I get my latte and my gift card and head to the checkout stand, which won’t scan any of my items with any less than two or three attempts. The last item won’t scan at all, so I look at every side of the package and eventually realise something has gone wrong in their production process, because there is no barcode at all! I start laughing out loud to myself again, scaring a few more people, including the girl at the checkout service point who literally looks petrified…


I am at home now. And I am refraining from operating any kind of machinery, besides my laptop which is starting to act very funny and seems to have gotten some kind of moisture in it because the screen is fogging up.

So God forbid I will do any laundry, handle any kitchen knives or electrical appliances, and there is no way I a turning on the (gas) stove or the fireplace… Not today, folks! 🙂


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