Letting go of “leafy people”…

Today I woke up, still tired after a fairly sound 8-hr sleep and I just was Not. In. The. Mood. To work… I guess last week’s insane work schedule, clocking in some 64 hrs over 4 days and averaging about 4 hrs sleep per night, somehow caught up with me… Funny that! 🙂

But because of all my mental and physical preparations for “re-entry into the States” that I built up throughout the whole week and weekend, I was feeling great – just not in the mood for dealing with all the office crap. So I just decided not to.

I took a “mental health day” instead. I attended one call from 9-10.00 but then I went back to bed, had another cup of coffee and just enjoyed waking up slowly. Got up around 11-ish (more “ish” actually 😉) and went for a much needed run. And I did a much faster, harder and longer one then planned. In fact I pushed myself to the point of physical pain and throwing up and it felt great!!!

My mind is clear. My body feels strong. I feel super energised and I crave healthy, nutritious stuff to fuel up for tomorrow’s run. I’m high on endorphines and I’m loving it! Best damn drug there is! 😋


As always I solved at least a couple of problems: one work related and one personal. I won’t bore you with the work stuff but on the personal side I came to the conclusion that some relationships need to come to an end, even with people you care a lot about, or perhaps even “love”. If they cannot accept, love and respect you for who you are, or where you are in your life, you have to let them go. And sometimes that hurts but it will hurt more to hold on and put yourself in a position where you cannot heal and grow.

And I’m actually ok with that. It has taken me many years and tenths of painful failures, much soul searching and learning to understand and “handle” myself, to be able to let go like that. But now that I have, it gives me tremendous peace.

Peace of mind. Peace at heart. Peace in my restless body.


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