Time to be Thankful…

Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate where I come from, obviously, but it is my favourite US holiday by far. It is a time to come together with friends and family, over a nice meal, and just enjoy the time together. Most years I haven’t been celebrating but this year I am – in exactly the right way, together with great friends: my fellow neighbourhood “orphans”! ❤️

But it is also a time for reflection. A time to think about all the things you have to be thankful and grateful for in life. And I have so much to celebrate this year because I have come a very long way, since I started “dealing with stuff” in July.

I’m grateful for all the difficulties I’ve gone through in the past year, as they have taught me some valuable lessons, helped me grow, and most importantly helped me re-evaluate what truly matters in life.

I’m grateful for my life and how I’ve turned things around.

I’m grateful for all the new, amazing friends I’ve made and how they’ve helped and supported me.

I’m grateful for having found a way to embrace my own “flawesomeness”.

I’m grateful for having found my way, through the teachings of the Buddha.

I’m grateful for learning the Dhamma and being able to practice it everyday.

I’m grateful for all the wonderfully welcoming and loving people in the Thai community here, who’ve embraced me and brought me into their world at Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery.

I’m grateful for having started to learn how to meditate and how it has grounded me and helps me deal with everyday life.

I’m grateful for having learnt to let go, to not be a prisoner of my past, and not constantly worrying about the future or craving things.

I’m grateful for the travels I have done and have planned.

I’m grateful for the friends that I have, all around the world, that I have seen this year and will be seeing in the month to come.

I’m grateful for the continuous encouragement I get from my friend in California, who inspires me everyday to be a better person, and to keep writing and working on improving myself.

I’m grateful for my fantastic Mum, who is such a loving, kind, tolerant and strong woman. She’s taught me everything in life and she continues to be my rock. I love  you more than anything in life, Mum! ❤️

I’m grateful for the wonderful man that my Mum has met and who’s embraced me and taken me to him in such a loving way. But mostly for how he loves and takes care of my Mum and makes her so happy and safe. 💕

I’m grateful for my loyal cycling buddy, who is always waiting patiently for me, come rain or shine. Always lending an ear, when I need one and always making me laugh!

I’m grateful for the friends that lost their way for a bit, but quickly realised that life is too short to give up on something good, and found their way back to each other.

I’m grateful for having such an amazing boss, who always trusts me and supports me, and helps me grow both personally and professionally.

I’m grateful for my loyal partner at work who is so patient with me and always gives me direct and honest feedback and is a true friend – in and out of office.

I’m grateful for the friend I thought I’d lost but whom I recently reconnected with. He got me into the athletics thing and has always been the closest thing to family I’ve had here in Seattle.

I’m grateful for how all of those things, and all of those people, have enabled me to manage my depression and work through so many things and learn how to be a healthy, functional person again.

I’m grateful for the beautiful home I have made for myself and for this astoundingly beautiful part in the world, where I am so lucky to live right now.

I’m truly grateful for my life and how happy I am.

For the first time since splitting up with my own family, I am completely and utterly caught up in the Thanksgiving holiday spirit, as you can probably tell, and I am looking forward to tomorrow immensely ! With the open mind and clear spirit of a child, the night before Christmas eve…

Happy Thanksgiving! With lots of Metta (loving kindness), to you all.


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