The Art of Doing Nothing…

Been a very stressful day so far: slept till 8.00 am. Got up and made coffee. Sat on the patio till about 9.30, sipping coffee and reading my book. 

Watched a couple of butterflies chase one another. Hung all my clothes on a rail so they won’t get all musty and mildewed – we don’t have air con.

Went for a 4-mi run down to the beach. Had a shower. Pushed the motorbike down to the nearest garage, to get some fuel in it. 

Drove to Khao Lak. 

Now it’s 1.20 pm, I just had breakfast and I am trying to decide if I have the energy to go to the optic shop across the street, to get my Ray Ban’s fixed, or if I should have another latte first…. 

Sod it! I’m having another latte… 🙃

#TheArtOfDoingNothing #EnjoyingLife

I’m not being funny. It is quite hard doing nothing – at least at first. But I have to admit that “the new me” is finding it easier and easier. Partially because I’m traveling more and taking more holidays I guess but mostly because I have changed fundamentally the way I see life. The things I value and prioritise now, compared to 6 months ago, are completely different. Diametrical opposites!

Now, sitting on the patio for 1.5 hrs just watching butterflies and thinking about my day and my life, is something that I can do and really enjoy doing. Then, I would have been antsy after 20 min.

Now, I can enjoy the task of making a cup of coffee, then sitting down to slowly sip it and actually taste it. Savour it. Being present in the now and enjoying that very simple pleasure. Then, I would have gulped down 4 shots of espresso while getting ready for work without even tastin it.

#Mindfulness #LivingInTheNow

So I’m staying at my friend’s house. A typical Thai bungalow with a large living room, a few bedrooms and a basic kitchen: a gas cooker with two burners, a sink and a fridge. It’s really basic but that’s also what makes it so nice. Concrete walls and tiled floors. Wooden shutters and window screens. No air con. 

I’m starting to long more and more for this kind of an “easy life” without all the clutter. Without all the “stuff” that weighs me down. Without all the responsibilities and expenditures that comes with all of that. I’d quite happily trade in my big house and my car for a 2-br bungalow and a little Honda. Have a job that makes me happy and cover my living costs and perhaps a plane ticket once in a while. Instead of the insane corporate hamster wheel I’m (still) in.

I just need to figure out where and what to do to keep me happy and fed. But I am very quickly getting ready – emotionally and mentally – for a much simpler life. A happier life. A life living in the present. A life worth living.


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