I want “simple”. Simple makes happy. I want someone who sees that too. Are you out there?

As the world continues to literally go down in flames, I’m sitting here thinking about how nice it would be to check out, pay the bills, get rid of all the “baggage” and just go on my merry way…. Go back to Thailand, or maybe go somewhere new to me, like Central America. Down-size, cut off “civilisation” and start leading a simple life.

I just want to wake up in the morning, look out my window and see something beautiful. Not stress about anything. Just get on with my day really. I don’t need fancy clothes or expensive things anymore. I don’t want them because they only bring stress (expenses!) and brain-ache….

I want simple.

It doesn’t have to be easy and it may very well not be – but it has to be SIMPLE! I want to breathe. I want to sleep. I want to have a good meal every day. That’s all I need. It’s all my heart desires.

I don’t need a car. I don’t need a big house full of stuff. I need a fridge, a cooker and a shower of some sort. A roof over my head and a bed to sleep in.

I want nature nearby. I want beauty. I want sun, sea and the energy those two give me.

I want simple, because simple makes happy.

I don’t want to know about politics. War. Terrorist attacks. Cruelty to women, children and animals. I don’t want to hear about global warming any more. I want to live my life out in peace and not stress about all the things I cannot influence or impact. I want to be in charge of my own destiny.

“The world is a vampire” and she’s getting more fierce and more evil by each day….

I’d like someone to share that simple life with. I’d like to know someone who just like me is aware, appreciative and present. Someone who sees the beauty in the simple things in life and who understands that what matters is the journey, not the destination.

Are you out there?


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