I am Swedish although I do not look it, sound it or feel like it. I am a restless soul and wanderer. I am a workaholic and recovering “good girl”, who’s biggest enemy in life is Luther. I process by writing and sometimes try to entertain others by sharing my stories. Sometimes just for fun. But mostly to help me clear my mind and figure life out.

It took me some 25 years to muster up the courage to admit and acknowledge a lot of things about myself – and to start processing and deal with them. This blog is simply about my spiritual journey of healing, self-improvement and personal growth. As an ambivert I don’t easily open up and let people close about the things that really matter to me but I can for some reason write about them. So I do. Whether anyone reads it or not is not important.

But if you happen to find my experiences and learnings helpful then that’s a good thing. And if you know someone else who may find them helpful too, then by all means pass them on. If my scribblings can motivate or inspire just you and one more person,  then the ripple effect of the power of positive is in motion.

It is only by having the courage  to share our stories that we allow ourselves the vulnerability we need to connect and grow.


5 thoughts on “About me.

  1. I loved this. You’re totally badass. 🙂 All of your posts have been helpful to me, in one way or another! Your writing has this character to it. (I’m anxiously and enthusiastically wait for new posts from you almost every day, by the way!) Haha.

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    1. Wow! You just made my day and made me so proud (=motivated even for an Alpha female in recovery 😉)!

      I have one brewing in my mind but been so crazy busy hanging out with old colleagues and friends who are in town for a twice annual conference – you don’t get to see them each that often! Will at least try to get one out later this week, as I’m on a plane to Sweden… 🙂

      I do love writing and if I could I’d make a living out if it you know… thanks again for your very kind words, Mike!! Look forward to keep reading you as well.

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      1. Haha, I’m glad! 🙂 You should be proud of yourself, you’re helping so many others while also staying strong and helping yourself. See? Badass.

        Oh, I can understand what that’s like! Well, whenever you do post, I’ll be eagerly waiting. Waiting like the cookie monster would be waiting for a batch of cookies. Very, very, very exhilarated. Haha. 🙂

        Have a safe flight!

        You should check out WordAds. It’s by WordPress and if you gain enough followers or views they actually do pay you for writing! So that’s kind of like making a living from it! Haha. And thank you!

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