The unwavering power of detachment.

I am probably driving my friends nuts right now, because in the last couple of months most of my FB posts basically say this: Life. Is. Good. Or I tell them how much I love my life. Or how much I love my home. And my (new) home town! I think I have finally found … Continue reading The unwavering power of detachment.


I want “simple”. Simple makes happy. I want someone who sees that too. Are you out there?

As the world continues to literally go down in flames, I'm sitting here thinking about how nice it would be to check out, pay the bills, get rid of all the "baggage" and just go on my merry way.... Go back to Thailand, or maybe go somewhere new to me, like Central America. Down-size, cut … Continue reading I want “simple”. Simple makes happy. I want someone who sees that too. Are you out there?

I am finally detached – and that’s why I have found true happiness!

As I called out in my last blog post The strangest experience ever, about how coming back to Seattle this time, didn't send me off into a total spin. On the contrary, I felt like a visitor in my own home and in my own neighbourhood, where I literally know everyone... A bit like "an out of … Continue reading I am finally detached – and that’s why I have found true happiness!

The strangest experience ever.

So, I came back to Seattle today, after being in Sweden for a little over three weeks. And it's not the first time, far from it, that I've been away for 2 or 3 weeks. And normally I get all strung up and stressed out when I'm about to go back. I start fretting and … Continue reading The strangest experience ever.

Every f**k-up has a silver lining. It just takes practice to see them.

This is the continuation of my previous post: Learn to be happy – and to share your happiness! It is OK… But truth be told it wasn't all Luther's fault. I was too busy being happy as well. I didn't need to write to process issues or struggles, or to stay happy/calm/sane. But I missed … Continue reading Every f**k-up has a silver lining. It just takes practice to see them.

自我反映(十四)——觉知 / Self-Reflection (14) – Awareness

This is a great post – I love the honesty – and I can very much relate. It seems the work on self-improvement in regards to myself and my own person has progressed a lot more and faster, than my “mindfulness” in regards to others. This is something I am now starting to shift more of my self-improvement efforts and focus toward – and this blog post was a great inspiration. It is very nice to see that you are not alone with specific struggles. It makes it that little bit easier to admit and acknowledge your weakness, which is fundamental for being able to address them….


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Whenever I see his messages came into the group chat, I can’t help it but to feel disgusted, and had an urge to make a sarcastic remark about his actions or words.

I have actually done it many times, allowing my subconscious mind to get the better of me. I would joked about his words to another colleague and we will have a laugh at it.

Today, I continue to feel disgusted when his messages came into the group chat, but I am more aware of my own thoughts. Instead of triggering a sarcastic remark to my colleague, I will pause for a moment and reflect upon myself. I will look into my own inner soul and think in great depth, trying hard to find what is it that disgusted…

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Time to be Thankful…

Thanksgiving is not something we celebrate where I come from, obviously, but it is my favourite US holiday by far. It is a time to come together with friends and family, over a nice meal, and just enjoy the time together. Most years I haven't been celebrating but this year I am - in exactly … Continue reading Time to be Thankful…