Memoirs of an ex-pat. And her complete social failure that led to collapse.

I have written about my mental health journey over the last year, mostly focused on how I have addressed it. Never really touching that much about what caused it. This is intentional as I have started learning to embrace some fundamental teachings of the Buddha: "Letting Go" and "Living in the Present". The one post … Continue reading Memoirs of an ex-pat. And her complete social failure that led to collapse.

Learn to be happy – and to share your happiness! It is OK…

It's interesting, isn't it, that since I found "happiness" I don't write anymore? Or at least I haven't written in a while. Not for lack of starting blog posts - quite a few actually, over the last 3-4 months - most of them in my head but some of them also on paper. Or on … Continue reading Learn to be happy – and to share your happiness! It is OK…

I’d rather be happy than high….

I haven't been this happy in a long, long time. I used to be afraid of addressing my depression, because I liked my highs more than I detested my lows. Or at least I thought I did. I thought (or told myself as a means to avoid dealing?) that if I'd address and get rid … Continue reading I’d rather be happy than high….

自我反映(十四)——觉知 / Self-Reflection (14) – Awareness

This is a great post – I love the honesty – and I can very much relate. It seems the work on self-improvement in regards to myself and my own person has progressed a lot more and faster, than my “mindfulness” in regards to others. This is something I am now starting to shift more of my self-improvement efforts and focus toward – and this blog post was a great inspiration. It is very nice to see that you are not alone with specific struggles. It makes it that little bit easier to admit and acknowledge your weakness, which is fundamental for being able to address them….


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Whenever I see his messages came into the group chat, I can’t help it but to feel disgusted, and had an urge to make a sarcastic remark about his actions or words.

I have actually done it many times, allowing my subconscious mind to get the better of me. I would joked about his words to another colleague and we will have a laugh at it.

Today, I continue to feel disgusted when his messages came into the group chat, but I am more aware of my own thoughts. Instead of triggering a sarcastic remark to my colleague, I will pause for a moment and reflect upon myself. I will look into my own inner soul and think in great depth, trying hard to find what is it that disgusted…

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Being Alone vs. Being Lonely

  Another blogger that I follow, Mike, posted what he calls a Ramble yesterday about being lonely - it is a great read like and very nicely written so I can highly recommend it btw - and today, as I listened to another one of venerable Ajahn Brahm's dhamma talks, I started thinking about my own loneliness... … Continue reading Being Alone vs. Being Lonely

The path to happiness

So, I haven't written anything in a while. Well, I wrote a bunch of stuff prior to and during my trip back to Thailand but as mentioned, I haven't been able to publish those blogs. Yet... And since I got back from my trip I haven't been able to write. Partially because I have been really … Continue reading The path to happiness

I am finally going home!

Written on December 3rd, 2016. I am going home. For the first time in 10 years, I'm going back to Thailand. I'm nervous and excited all at once. It's been a long time and it is the first time that I feel ready to go back to the country that stole my heart more than … Continue reading I am finally going home!